Rog will recap:
Derk and Rog released the honey badger on the surprise elf-camp in order to surprise them. Chomp and the badger wound up eating the food scraps left by the elves. Qatalya, Derk, and Rog surprise-attacked the elves and one of them died. Rog never saw someone die before. Bonnte, the biggest elf, held a funeral and spoke some garbled elf prayers and Rog kept him company.

Derk and Qatalya came up behind Rog quietly and waited for Bonnte to finish. After a few minutes of silence, Qatalya said softly, “we must leave here and make camp further away. An elf patrol will be here in the morning.”

We walked back to the elf-camp and picked up our things. All the surviving elves were very quiet and their eyes were closed. “I shall to bury them as well, too?” Bonnte whispered.

Derk jabbed at each of the quiet elves, they grunted and moaned, but they stayed asleep.

“There is no need for anymore funerals this morning. I gave each a sleeping draught, they’ll be out for hours,” Qatalya said.

Derk picked up one of the sleeping elves and shoved him up in a tree. He found some rope in the elves’ belongings and made sure to tie him securely. Rog gave Derk a very questioning look and he grinned, “Derk doesn’t want them to be easy to find!”

Rog helped. Rog picked up one of the she elves (she was lighter than the others) and put her up another tree. After a few minutes, all the elves were hidden from view and we cleared away their camp.

We quietly left the camp and Qatalya made sure to cover our tracks as we went. Rog made sure Chomp was safely in Rog’s bag (he found Qatalya’s sleeping draught) and Derk made sure the honey badger was in his (Chomp shared the sleeping draught). Rog giggled at Derk for keeping the honey badger, Derk blushed and said “Just in case we get hungry later!”