Rog is finally back! Paige has gotten all the holiday family craziness out of the way and is ready to stop neglecting Rog. However, a recap is probably in order before Rog continues:

  • Rog, Chomp, and Derk left the village to find Derk’s sister, Grola, who was kidnapped by elves who attacked the village.
  • We met a not-elf called Qatalya–she looks like an elf except for the ears. Rog didn’t fully trust not-elf at first, but she has pulled through for Rog on several occasions.
  • Rog, Chomp, and Derk were captured by a group of elves. We escaped and adopted the biggest elf named Bonnte. He was rejected anyway because he was too tall the elves are mean and don’t like people who are different. Bonnte doesn’t speak the common language very well and the elvish garble is annoying to listen to when he and Qatalya talk.
  • We picked up a honey badger and named it “Rabble” because that’s what he sounds like. Derk is holding on to him. He says it’s “just in case we need a snack,” but Rog doesn’t think we’ll ever have Rabble Snacks.
  • Our group came across another group of elves we did not expect to see. Derk and Rog smelled them before anyone else knew they were there. We attacked them and Qatalya interrogated one to find out where the elves took Grola. Rog saw Qatalya dag one of the elves in the fight and saw the elf die. Rog had never seen anyone die before. Rog still doesn’t know how to feel about it.
  • The elf Qatalya interrogated said something about “Caidromar.” This made Bonnte turn a funny, pale color and we know we have to get to Grola fast.
  • Bonnte wound up with a blister on his foot and the not-elf was helping him with it. Chomp and Rabble ran away with Bonnte’s boot and Rog chased them. The chase led Rog to some of the prettiest rocks Rog had ever seen! Rog started following them and collecting them. They led to a dwarven mine.
  • The dwarves weren’t able to pick up the rocks like Rog was. And Rog had to hit them with the banana-shaped rock until they came loose. The pretty rocks mark the territory of the dwarves and shows where they are safe.
  • The dwarves invited Rog to share stories and supper and promised to show Rog one of the prettiest, shiniest rocks ever! Rog was excited! They led Rog into a tunnel with playful, glowing salamanders on the walls. That led to a cave. The dwarves made Rog take the shiniest rock on the far side of the cave, but they couldn’t get it. Rog got it. It looks more like some weird Egg.
  • Rog got the egg and ran back through the tunnels. The dwarves couldn’t breathe the air in the tunnel at a certain time, but Rog could breathe just fine. The dwarves surrounded and threatened Rog. Rog wouldn’t stand for that. Chomp and Rabble distracted the dwarves while Rog ran away.
  • Rog hid up in the trees and found Rog’s way back to Derk and the others. Rog feels really bad about having chased the pretty rocks and now needs to help the others figure out where to go from here.