Rog and Derk sniffed our way to the surprise-elf-camp. Rog could tell the Biggest-Elf and not-elf were nearby. Derk ran into the Biggest-Elf and punched him in the arm as a reflex. The Biggest Elf yelped and Rog heard Qatalya draw her sharp-rocks and point them at Rog and Derk.

“It’s just Rog and Derk,” Rog said.

“Holy *Goddess of Karda! You scared the piss out of me!” Qatalya hissed, “What are you doing here?”

“Rog found Chomp!” Rog said quietly. Rog tried emphasizing with gestures so Rog could be more quiet. Rog hopes Qatalya could see it, because Rog certainly couldn’t. “Rog also has a plan. Is Grola in the elf-camp?”

“Not that we can see. I scouted the area, but I don’ t think she’s here.”

Derk started sniffing the air now that we were closer to the camp. “She was here, but she isn’t here anymore,” he said. (Derk’s getting better with pronouns, too! But he’ll never admit it!) After he was done sniffing, he grunted at Bonnte and walked away from him. Some light from the elves’ fire outlined Derk a little, and Rog could see him hug the badger bag close.

*Karda was the greatest female sneak (Qatalya calls them “rogues”) of not-elf  lore. Legend says she was blessed by the Goddess of the Thieves, whose name is only known by those successfully initiated into the Thieves’ Guild.