Rog realized how dark it was getting at the end of the feast. Rog really need to get back to the group.

“Well, Rog. Are you ready for that tour of our mine?” the elder dwarf asked. Rog learned his name was Fäfneer. 

“Rog would love to, but Rog really needs to get back to Rog’s group. Maybe Rog can bring them all back here and we can all tour the mine!”

“That would be unfortunate,” Fäfneer said, staring at his empty bowl, “what we have to show you is only able to be seen within the next hour. It truly is a wonder.”

Rog’s head perked up, “What kind of wonder? A bigger, shinier rock?”

“You have no idea just how big and just how shiny this rock is, dear Rog,” Fäfneer said.

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