Tired and sad and full of scratches on their trip to Ogre Mountains, the Dwarf-Ogres finally came upon a *mot of ogres. They had similar blue-gray skin and were a great deal larger than the travelers. But the similarities were there. Drodia and Banthid approached the ogres cautiously while the rest of the group stayed behind. They saw the ogres holding the biggest rocks they had ever seen! They were smashing things and throwing them at things and punching each other and it was completely incredible to watch.

One of the larger ogres noticed Drodia and Banthid. He pointed them out to the rest of the group by throwing a rather large boulder in their direction. The two ducked and the boulder missed them by inches. “There are more of the **gruntlings!”

Then, out of the cave-homes the ogres lived in, more Dwarf-Ogres peeked out. They looked very much like the Dwarf-Ogre group that traveled from the mines. The only differences were the dislocated noses and brands on their skin.

Curious about the crash from the boulder, Drodia’s group crept up the mountain to see what was going on. The larger ogre caught sight of them and ordered his mot to grab hold of every last one of them.

“Pirg will think what to do with gruntlings. Pirg will talk at big fire after food,” the larger ogre announced. Drodia, Banthid, and their group of Dwarf-Ogres were captured and forced into a dwelling with the Dwarf-Ogres of the Ogre Mountains.

*”Mot” is the term used for a “group of ogres.”
**”Gruntling” is ogre for short-ogres, also known as Dwarf-Ogres.