Lunch was rabbit soup. Chomp and the honey badger ran off tugging at the hide Qatalya left to tan in the sun. She rolled off her rock, laughing.  “Get back here ya gits! I needed that for new gloves!”

Derk had been pacing since before Rog woke up.
“We shouldn’t be standing around laughing! What did that gunge-faced elf say?” Derk yelled at Qatalya.

“Well, now that we’re all awake,” she sighed, “the camp we attacked last night was one of the raiding parties that tore through your village. They four other villages near yours as well. They took 5 children altogether. He couldn’t tell me why they needed the children, only that his orders were clear.”

“So we don’t know where we going?” Derk stomped his foot. “Elves took Derk’s sister and we don’t know where to go?!”  He punched a tree. Derk should not have punched the tree, it made Derk’s hand bleed.

Bonnte had been sitting quietly, holding his soup (Rog is pretty sure it went cold), and listening to the not-elf talk. When she mentioned the 5 children, his eyes grew wide, his face went pale, and he whispered one word.