It was getting dark as we walked to where the Biggest-Elf remembered where the elf-camp was. Rog knew we were getting close because Rog could smell the camp. Rog said so, quietly.

“That can be not” Bonnte tried to say in Common. “They rest through the trees, farther.”
” Don’t walk that way any more,” Derk said. He could smell them, too.

The Biggest-Elf was getting frustrated. Rog guesses elves don’t smell as well as Dwarf-Ogres.

“We better back-track a little before we set up camp. Can you tell how close the elves’ camp is?” Qatalya said.

Rog sniffed the air again and said, “About 2 more minutes of walking the same way.”

We all walked a few minutes back the way we came. Rog and Derk started setting up a tiny fire while Bonnte and Qatalya got ready to look at the elf-camp.