Rog has never really had to smell Rog’s way through a forest before. Not since Rog was little, anyway.

Dwarf-Ogre children have this game called “stow-and-sniff.” It happens after dark and the children sneak away from the village while their parents are napping after “massive meal.” We had always kept the light of the great fire from the village in sight, but we had to go far enough into the trees that the light wouldn’t touch us. We would meet up in a circle in the dark and randomly punch each other in the arm. The first one to yelp was “It.” “It” would have to spin around in circles 20 times and the rest of the children would have to run away and hide. Then, “It” would have to try and find the other children. It was dark enough that “It” would have to smell out the others. Sometimes they would be up trees, in the bushes, in the water, or in holes in the ground. When “It” found someone, “It” would have to punch them in the arm, and they would have to start finding the hidden children, too. When the game is over, the children sneak back home. If their parents caught them, they would usually be shouted at and weren’t allowed to have *Nomberry Tart for a week.

Derk always used to win. Rog was almost always “It.”

*Nomberry Tart is a delicious dessert served after “Massive Meal,” which is the last meal of the day. It’s a secret recipe, Rog won’t know how it is made until Rog passes the Chef-Initiation test.