A little while after we left the elf-camp, the sun started peeking through the trees. Rog was glad to see again, but Rog was so sleepy and sore. We had a long night. Rog kept tripping and couldn’t keep Rog’s eyes open. Bonnte tried to keep Rog awake by asking questions like, “Who Grola is?” and “How have you been traveling long?” The questions were confusing and Rog couldn’t manage more than mumbles.

Rog heard Qatalya whisper to Derk, “We’re making too much noise and we’ll be easily found in the daylight.”

Derk blinked slowly, he looked tired, too. Sad and tired, “We should find a safe place to sleep and you can tell us what that elf you were dagging said.”

We wandered into a little cluster of trees and bushes. Qatalya pulled out some of the elves’ ration-blocks and passed them around. Rog took one, put it under Rog’s head, and fell asleep.