A long time ago Dommarow told Rog what happens to Dwarf-Ogres when they die. It was a big problem for the first generation because their essences had nowhere to go when they left their bodies. The first Dwarf-Ogre to die was born from a dwarf mother. Her name was Drodia, which is dwarven for “drunken mistake.”

Drodia had been put to work in the mines with the other Dwarf-Ogres born from her clan. Since they were so much larger than their dwarf-community, they felt it best that the Dwarf-Ogres be kept out-of-site as much as possible. An added bonus to the dwarves was the Dwarf-Ogres’ ability to breathe air that was foul to the dwarves. Air that would cause disease and death in a tunnel that was not properly ventilated. Because of this, the Dwarf-Ogres were sent to the newest areas of the mines. They were also sent on missions to the most dangerous caverns near volcanoes to bring back rough gems and rare smithing ores.

Drodia would chip, dig, and smudge for shiny rocks to please her family. She pulled dwarves to safety when tunnels collapsed or the air was not good to breathe.

No matter how many lives Drodia saved, no matter how shiny the rocks or how pure the ore she brought home with her, she was never accepted by her family. Her mother cried at night because of the disgrace she had brought to her clan and her adoptive father would never look at her without his nose wrinkled in disgust. Drodia shared her feelings with a fellow Dwarf-Ogre by the name of Banthid, which is dwarven for “Ugly Child.” It turns out that Banthid was just as sad as Drodia.

One day, one of the main tunnels collapsed trapping 50 dwarves. Drodia and Banthid rushed to the tunnel to save them. They managed to pull all but 3 to safety. The dwarves were sad and held a massive funeral for the unfortunate 3. That sadness turned to anger towards the Dwarf-Ogres, who were blamed for the deaths of their clans-members. Not just Drodia and Banthid, but all Dwarf-Ogres born to the clan. They were all banished,  given food, water, blankets, and knives and told never to return again.

(Rog will continue Drodia’s story tomorrow. It’s too dark to write anymore and Chomp got tired of holding his very hot tongue out so Rog could see.)