The Biggest-Elf didn’t talk much. And when he does, it’s in the annoying elvish-garble. It happens every time Derk pinches him or pulls his hair. Qatalya says he’s just saying prayers of protection and forgiveness. I don’t know what he wants to get, or maybe he wants to give us something? Rog hasn’t figured it out yet, but Rog likes presents (unless they’re Chomp-Presents… then Rog doesn’t want them).

The Biggest-Elf sounds big, but he’s really only a little taller than Qatalya, and she’s several heads shorter than Rog. (Derk’s taller than Rog, but only by a couple heads). The Biggest-Elf is really freaked  out right now. The Not-Elf is going to keep talking to him and try to at least get his name and where he is from.