Drodia and Banthid were afraid of what Pirg wanted to do with the gruntlings. All the Dwarf-Ogres were trapped in a cave, crying and freaking out. Some just sat, silently staring. Drodia found her way to the back of the cave and started feeling the rock that made it. It was soft and easy to break. All of their belongings were placed out of reach, so she felt around for another rock. All she could find was soft rock in the cave. That was not enough to chip a hole in the wall at all.

One of the ogre-born Dwarf-Ogres came up to Drodia and offered her necklace. It was made of several large, sharp teeth and feathers.

“Are you sure? I don’t want to break it,” Drodia said. The other Dwarf-Ogre nodded and Drodia started digging.

All the gruntlings in the cave crowded around Drodia, trying to see what she was doing. Banthid was worried that the ogres outside would notice what she was doing and do bad things to her to make her stop. He walked through the crowd of Dwarf-Ogres and gestured for them to come back to the front of the cave and told them to look bored. He hoped that Drodia would be out of sight with so many Dwarf-Ogres at the front.

A couple of ogre-borns started helping Drodia dig. Some with more tooth-necklaces, some helped carry away the dirt and rock that fell, and some would take over for Drodia if her hands got tired. They were still digging as the sun set.