Chomp got excited by all the sounds and smells coming from the camp and jumped out of the owl-hole. He went straight for the food the elves were dropping. Rog chased after Chomp, making the elves yell even more. They tried grabbing and hitting Rog, but Rog just smashed them in the head with the banana-rock. Derk jumped in when he saw Rog run and Qatalya jumped down from the tree.

The not-elf drew her *sharp-rocks and moved them faster than Rog could see. One of the elves dropped quietly to the ground while others she met curled up and moaned.

It all ended really fast. Rog looked for Chomp and saw him eating away at the dropped elf-food on one side of the fire. The honey badger was doing the same on the other side. Rog sat beside Chomp and scratched him behind his eye-bump. Derk went over to the honey badger and scratched its head. It looked up at him for a moment, then went right back to eating.

Qatalya was poking and slicing one of the elves with one of her sharp-rocks, talking to him in the elvish garble. He’d yelp and talk back.

Rog wondered where Bonnte went. Rog got up to look. Rog found him in the trees digging a hole for the elf that dropped quietly to the ground.

*Qatalya told Rog later that she calls her sharp-rocks “daggers.” After tonight, Rog finds “dagging” to be very bloody and painful. Rog hopes to never be “dagged.”