(Rog is sorry Rog’s post is so late. Rog had a long day of walking and Rog took a nap instead of writing).

We stopped for food and Qatalya finally told Derk and Rog what she and the Biggest-Elf were talking about. Biggest-Elf was on the verge of being an outcast from his family because he is so tall (for an elf). Elves do not like anyone being very different from normal, which is why they don’t like Dwarf-Ogres.  So the Biggest-Elf decided to come with us to help us find Grola. He wasn’t told very much at all, but he knows of some places that they might have taken her. We are camping for the night, but we will start looking at the places in the morning.

Oh, yeah. Biggest-Elf’s name is Bonnte, which Qatalya says means “Too Big.”