Qatalya made sure Rog could see her from across the elf-camp. Rog was to wait for the not-elf’s signal to start Rog’s plan. Rog put Chomp in a hole in Rog’s tree. Rog is pretty sure an owl lives there, but the owl won’t be back for a while.

Rog felt a rush of excitement and was ready to start. Qatalya was taking forever! She was listening to the elves talk in their annoying garble while they sat down around the fire to eat. Rog counted 8 of them. Finally, she nodded for Rog to start.

“Do it,” Rog told Derk.

Derk was still hugging the badger bag, which was squirming a lot by now. It was making muffled “rbbbbffffs.” He knelt down, and opened the bag right in sight of the camp fire. The honey badger ran out of the bag, Rog tossed Derk his old-man-face-rock and we climbed up the trees fast. The badger took a few seconds, it looked dizzy. Then it sniffed the air, smelled the food, and then charged the elves.

The badger started screaming “RABRRRRRARRAOOOOORBBBLE!” The elves were falling over and dropping their food all around the campfire. They fumbled for their weapons and one dumb elf tried to grab the badger. Rog could see slashes on his face and arms before he dropped the beast. The badger let out a “braaaaaaaaaap” from under it’s tail, causing the elves to fall over gagging. They tried getting away from the badger, they tried poking it with torches, but the badger kept charging and “ROAAAAAAAARBBLEREEERing” at them. Clawing and biting if they got too close.