The Dwarf-Ogres made a big enough hole for Drodia to crawl through. She got out with a few scrapes and scratches and crawled forward to spy on the Ogres.

“Pirg thinks gruntlings are getting too smart. Pirg thinks ogres should have gruntling feast,” Drodia heard Pirg say.
“Then who will serve us goat meat and wipe the fat from our cheeks?” asked another ogre.
“Pirg thinks the ogres have gotten lazy by using the gruntlings. Who used to wipe the ogres cheeks before? The ogres. The ogres have no need for gruntlings. Gruntlings are the weak children who embarrass the goddess, *Vrål. The ogres would do good in the eyes of the goddess to devour the gruntlings before more disgust fills the goddess.”

Drodia crept silently back to the cave of gruntlings and started digging. She could not let them be eaten.

*Vrål is the goddess of the Ogres. A powerful warrior who fights with a spiked club. She has a hound who stands boldly at her side, he calls himself Sluka. Together the two terrorized the mountainside, devouring all who stood in their path, and claimed the mountain for the Ogres. Legend says that Vrål and Sluka traveled up to the peak of the mountain and whipped the very clouds to their will so they might continue onward towards the heavens to claim a spot at the table of the gods.