Rog told Derk we might be able to eat the honey badger AFTER Rog’s idea was done.  Rog set down the bag and hugged Chomp. Rog missed Chomp. He gave out a fiery burp, which singed some of Rog’s hair.

“Rog didn’t see the Biggest-Elf and the not-elf when we passed. Did Derk?” Rog asked.

“No. Derk didn’t see them either.”

We got worried about them. Rog was worried they might have gotten caught, and Derk was worried they might be setting up a trap. Rog explained the idea Rog had to Derk, and he agreed to do it. Derk picked up the badger bag, Rog picked up Chomp, and we started following the elf-camp smell.