The dwarves all  crowded around Rog against the wall. Rog thought it was creepy. They stared, had bashing things in their hands, and Fäfneer was one of them.

Rog looked out towards the entrance and saw it was getting light outside.

“You told Rog it would only take an hour to see the bigger, shinier rock. Why is it morning already? Rog has to go, Derk and the others will be really scared,” Rog saw Chomp and Rabble sneak between the dwarves’ legs and creep around behind them. Rog hopes they’ll go find Derk for help.

Rog took a couple of steps forward and the dwarves closed in tighter. Fäfneer smiled, “How’s about you hand over that egg, erm–that ‘rock.'”