Rog couldn’t stop looking at the salamanders on the wall. They were chasing each other and hiding and playing. It made Rog very *gaddy. Rog stopped for a moment and looked closely at the salamanders after we had walked a while. They started glowing.

“Oof,” one of the dwarves bumped into Rog. The bump must have woken up Chomp. Chomp peeked out of Rog’s bag and flicked his sticky tongue at the dwarf.

“Oy!” the dwarf said, “What manner of beastie goes around sticking hard working dwarves? And why are ye stopping?”

Fäfneer turned around and held his hand up and looked at the wall with glowing creatures. The sticky dwarf went quiet.

“From this point, we must be silent, dear Dwarf-Ogre” Fäfneer whispered. He gestured something with his hand, and the dwarves began smothering their torches.

*Dwarf-Ogre’s term for “giggly.”