Derk’s pokes at the elves worked! The biggest elf woke up. Derk asked not so politely, “Where is Grola?”
The elf said, “What’s a ‘Grola’?”
“Don’t mock Derk or Derk will take your nose,” he said.
The elf really looked confused.
“The Dwarf-Ogre the elves took from our Village” Rog said. Rog was trying to be helpful.

Derk looked at Rog and said, “Let’s take 5 of his fingers and 5 of his toes and we can keep looking.” He started snarling at the elf. Rog was about to answer when the elf freaked out. “I don’t know where they’ve taken the little Dwarf-Ogre, but if you let me out, I can help you look.”