Rog finally asked Qatalya:

“Where were you in the morning?” Rog asked, “Rog thought bad things when you weren’t keeping watch.”

“I was out hunting more skunk since your frog ate all my jerky,” she said. Obviously, not-elf doesn’t know the difference between frogs and toads. But Rog let it slide. She pulled 2 dead skunks out of her pack. “I didn’t have time to clean them yet. I really was watching all night,” her face was concerned.

The smell of the dead skunks seemed to get Chomp’s attention. Rog barely blinked before he had one of the tails in his mouth.

Rog looked over to Derk and saw him poking at the elves with a long stick. “Derk, we need breakfast. We will find Grola, soon. Rog promises,” Rog said.