Derk and Qatalya got enough of the bars out for all of us to crawl through one by one.
Rog was coughing tiny coughs, trying not to make too much noise. Rog found it hard to walk,
so Derk carried Rog a long way from the rolling-cage and into the trees. Rog couldn’t
keep the coughs quiet anymore and let them all out for several minutes. Qatalya gave Rog
some water and Derk patted Rog’s back. Rog felt better. Rog’s throat still hurts and still needs to cough
a lot, but it is under control now.

“We need to go back and smash them,” Derk said. (Derk is getting better with pronouns!)
Derk and Rog started looking for big, dull rocks since ours were taken by the elves.
We all need to be fast so they don’t get away.