Derk liked Rog’s idea. He kept pushing on the bars, testing them to see if they were
weak enough to break yet. Rog had to try really hard not to cough from the stinky smell
of the burnt jerky. Finally, Derk was able to snap one of the bars out. The noise startled
the Not-Elf, and she peeked in. The smell hit her and she made a funny face. She dropped
the blanket back down for a few seconds and then her face reappeared. She put her finger to
her lips so we would be quiet and touched Derk’s hand to make him stop pushing and pulling
the next bar. We all stayed still for a few moments, making sure none of the elves
would come and check the snapping noise.

Qatalya disappeared for a moment. Rog thinks she left to look at the elves. Her head popped
back under the blanket and she looked at the smoldering bars. She tested them with her hands
and they didn’t quite break, but they bent more easily. She started blowing at the burning
spots, making them glow red. After a few moments, she took out her knife and sawed at the
wood. It was much quieter than Derk’s method.

Derk followed Qatalya’s lead and started blowing on the burning spots. He reached the ones
up high while she worked on the ones down low. Rog grabbed Chomp and tried to sit near where
the Not-Elf had the blanket up. Rog is having a lot of trouble breathing. Rog keeps making wheezy noises.