Rog could hear the Elves talking in low voices around a crackling fire.
It was dark inside the rolling-cage, so Rog couldn’t see Derk, but Rog is
pretty sure he was asleep by his breathing. Rog is glad. Rog doesn’t think
Derk has slept well since the night of the fires.

Rog saw dim light come into the cage. Someone was moving the blanket. Rog
scooted over to investigate and saw Qatalya’s face. Rog was going to ask
her what she was doing and where she went and about fifty other questions,
but she motioned for Rog to be quiet and go over to her.

The not-elf cut the ropes from Rog and gave Rog her knife to cut the ones on

“I’ll explain later, just hold tight.” She was about to put the blanket back,
but stopped.
“Oh yeah, I found this!” She squeezed something through the bars, and Rog
was so happy! It was Chomp!

Chomp licked Rog with his sticky tongue, it got stuck for a moment, and Rog
had to try really hard not to laugh. That would make the elves come by for sure.