A rage had been building in Derk’s yellow eyes for what seems like hours. We had been sitting
in silence for a long time. Rog was listening to the noises outside the cart. Rog only caught
a few Elvish words that Dommorow taught us when he was telling us stories about glorious battles
and how we got our home. Nothing important though, basically “hungry,” and “stop soon?” “No, let’s
go a bit further.” Rog doesn’t like that they don’t have the decency to speak what Dwarf-Ogres call
“Common.” Everyone knows that language, even the not-elf was nice enough to speak it. Rog got tired of listening to garbled Elvish and tried to talk to Derk instead.

“How is Derk?”
“We will find Grola soon. It will be okay.”
“Derk hopes those Gohdah* take Derk right to Grola.”
“Rog hopes so, too.”

Derk was quiet after that. Rog thinks it was another hour after that before the rolling-cage stopped.

*”Gohdah” is an ugly word used to describe Elves.