We made camp again and once the sun went down, 3 elves jumped out of the bushes
at Rog and Derk. Chomp was sleeping in my bag, so the elves didn’t see Chomp. They tied our
hands behind our backs before we could do anything. They offered to take off our fingers and
toes and even Derk’s nose!

Elves loaded Derk and Rog into a rolling-cage and started moving us in the dark. Elves put a blanket
over the cage so we can’t see where we are going. Rog is trying to break out of the ropes, but
it is hard. Derk is sulking in the corner. Rog can’t hear what he’s mumbling, Rog only catches
him say “Grola.” Rog wishes Chomp was in the cage, too. Rog hopes that the Elves grabbed Rog’s bag
so Chomp doesn’t get lost. At least we still have our fingers and toes, for now.